2045-01-03 Giddy

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/01/03
Location Alexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Ciel, Alexandra
Summary Ciel tells Lexie some news. Lexie is appropriately dubious.
This apartment would be nice -- nice-ish, at least -- if it were for one person. It's not the smallest studio, and it looks generally free of vermin, but the nice-ish space has been turned into two distinctly more cramped spaces with the use of a partition to separate two beds. A sofa is shoved in there somewhere too, and the little kitchenette has been liberally reinforced with additional shelves and hooks to make up for the lack of counter and cabinet space.

It is a winter evening. The weather is cool and fair.

Alexandra is looking a bit improved from her state two days ago, in which she mostly suffered the hangover from hell in Maxim's apartment, but did eventually come home to possibly horrify her roommate. Now she's had two days to revive herself and is in the kitchen, watching grilled cheese brown in a pan. The rest of the loaf and the rest of the cheese are still out on the counter.

Ciel snuck out early this morning, which is not particularly unusual. What is unusual is the series of comms she sends Lexie in the early afternoon, checking on her location. Or the sudden burst of her arrival, grinning and chipper as she steps through the door and tosses her bag toward the couch before greeting with enthusiasm, "Lexie!"

Alexandra actually startles a little. Not at Ciel's entrance so much as Ciel's -- enthusiasm. "H -- i," she says, peering at her roommate who has, let's be fair, spend a couple weeks now acting pretty dour. Or at least -- not this chipper. "Hello!" Ciel declares, and swoops into the kitchen to press a quick kiss to her roommate's cheek before she twists around to lean against a bit of free cupboard space. She's grinning when she says, "I had coffee with Kade." Her eyes linger bright on Lexie, all excitedly expectant.

"You had coffee with Kade," Lexie echoes, tracking Ciel's twisting with her gaze. She can't help the quirk of a responding smile in the corner of her mouth. "Did you get to throw it in his face?"

"No," Ciel announces. "I threw my-- no. Shit, that doesn't work." She abandons what was sure to be a terrible joke midstream, and with it, all sense of subtlety, and just says, "We're-- um. Dating. Or something like dating. Something that involves hanging out and making out and probably seriously hot sex and-- stuff."

Alexandra kind of bursts out laughing. It's mostly affectionate!! "I am pretty sure that's the shortest you've ever managed a New Year's Resolution," she says, grinning.

"Fuck New Year's resolutions," Ciel says, firm and grinning to match. "I mean. I don't think he's going to be lifting me over his head and twirling around the dance floor any time soon, but..."

"I mean, he's an old man, you wouldn't want him to throw out his back," Lexie agrees, trying to be solemn except the humor keeps kind of breaking it.

"Right, because then I'm /definitely/ not getting laid," Ciel says brightly. "And he may not be super strong, but he does some seriously interesting things with heat..."

"And he's /not/ going to be an asshole again?" Lexie checks, because clearly that's actually what she's most interested in.

Ciel sobers just slightly, tucking her arms across her chest. "I mean, ever?" she jokes before her smile fades and she says, "I don't think so. He-- apologized. And it was a pretty good apology. And the asshole stuff-- that's not really very like him, you know? I think he--" She hesitates briefly, then finishes, "Panicked."

"Mm." Lexie's smiling, but she's certainly not smiling as easily or as widely as Ciel is. "It better have been a /great/ apology," she also notes, not without humor. "Do you want a grilled cheese?" she adds.

Ciel shakes her head quickly. "I ate," she says. "We had sandwiches. With the coffee." She shrugs in answer, then offers, "He said he was a jack-ass. /Twice/."

"You're missing out. This is going to be the best grilled cheese sandwich /ever/." Lexie slaps the sandwich down on her plate and cuts it into triangles with the spatula. She finally glances back over at her roommate, lips pursing. "You sure about this?"

Ciel's brows draw upward as she watches Lexie. "What is this, payback?" she asks. "I thought you were totally on team Kade Caruthers."

"That's before he was a big jackass!" Lexie counters, setting her fists on her hips (with spatula still in hand). "It's just gonna take me a bit longer to forgive him, okay? He hurt my best friend's feelings!"

Ciel pushes away from the counter, sliding in to squeeze Lexie in a hug from behind, careful of her spatula. "Okay," she says, still brightly happy. "You can give him the stink-eye if you want. I still think he kinda deserves it."

"Okay, good," Lexie says, a bit appeased at her friend agreeing with her. "I like when your guys are a little scared of me. Keeps them in line." She gives Ciel's arm a squeeze with her free hand.

"Likewise," Ciel tells Lexie, drawing back with a grin, and nevermind how much she completely failed to terrorize Maxim the other night. She moves back into her lean, and after a beat she admits more quietly, "I'm not-- /sure/ sure. I mean. I'm not proposing marriage. But things with Kade are-- they're just sort of. Easy. You know?"

"Yeah. Easy's nice." Lexie finally puts the spatula down so she can take up her plate. "I /do/ think that Max is a little scared of you. If that makes you feel better."

"Easy feels amazing, these days," Ciel says, her smile quieter, but no less happy. It stretches a touch wider as she adds, "Especially when it's also really hot." She wrinkles her nose at Lexie, then says, "It totally does."

Alexandra offers Ciel a warm, quiet smile and tells her, "You deserve easy. And hot." She takes a bite of her sandwich and grins around the mouthful. "Even you have to admit it's adorable that I told him you loved judging people and he gave you a dance competition to judge."

Ciel rolls her eyes, twisting mid-kitchen to stalk toward her bed and flop herself down atop it. "No," she says firmly. "I do /not/. You're just lucky I like you."

"Ohmygod /come on/! It was hilarious!" How Lexie has not yet learned Ciel does not have a sense of humor about this, we'll never know. "Anyways. So you guys are super schnookums boyfriend and girlfriend promise rings exchanged?"

"Yes," Ciel says dryly, snuggling her head into the crook of Dmitri's arm as she shifts to eye Lexie. "That's literally /exactly/ what we did."

"Big steps for Lucile Kane," Lexie says with that solemn humor again. "Good thing we'll have walls soon."

"He's got a entire apartment to himself," Ciel points out, her smile reappearing a little crooked. "In Brooklyn."

"One, he has a Russian living on his couch," Lexie points out. "Two, you have to go to /Brooklyn/."

"Oh, shit," Ciel says, scowling abruptly. "I forgot." She waves her hand at Brooklyn, adding, "That's like a thirty-second hop," before she pushes up a little on one elbow to tell Lexie, "He said the Russian lucked him up on New Year's, and that's why he scrammed."

"Scrammed for -- what, to go find a card table or something?" Lexie stuffs another bite of grilled cheese in her mouth.

"To not be kissing me at midnight," Ciel says, and she looks awfully pleased for someone who's describing /not/ being kissed.

"Oh." Lexie squints a little. "That makes -- sense."

"Yeah," Ciel says with a ridiculous little sigh before she flops backwards again, grinning at the ceiling. "Lexie?" she says after a moment of silence.

Alexandra can't quite stop the helpless smile that spreads on her lips, watching her roommate grin at the ceiling. "Ciel?"

"We have really got to move to an apartment with walls," Ciel tells her seriously.

"We're moving!" Lexie says. "We have the apartment. Don't you think /I/ want walls?" She scoffs.

"Mmm," Ciel says, still grinning, and then she rolls sideways to draw back up to her feet. "Okay," she says. "I'm going."

"Going--" Lexie blinks around a mouthful of sandwich. She swallows. "Going where?"

"To get boxes!" Ciel declares, halfway to the door as she snatches her coat up from the couch. "Book your boyfriend for carrying the heavy shit!" She tosses a grin over her shoulder at Lexie, tugging the door open.

"Oh. Okay!" Lexie takes another bite, and then remembers: "If you can't find free ones, get the ones at U-Haul. They're cheapest and they'll buy back whatever we don't use."

"Noted," Ciel says, and disappears out the door.

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