2016-01-06 OOC Psionic Q&A

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OOC Psionic Q&A
Date Posted 2016/01/06
Location TP Room
Participants Roz, Tez, Sao, Tat
Summary An OOC game Q&A about psionic powers.
Roz says, "HEY GUYS"

Roz says, "HOW'S IT GOING"

Huruma says, "hey roz"

Tez says, "hi"

Rohan says, "HI ROZ"

Orianne says, "HI PEOPLE."

Roz says, "So if anyone missed it, is a preliminary write-up of game canon on psionic powers"

Roz says, "We'll make edits and add more things after this meeting"

Rohan just read it

Huruma says, "see, I've always grown up on 'telepaths = thoughts' so this is already foreign on that part. lol."

Huruma keeps reading.

Roz says, "So. Psionic is kind of a catch-all term for most anything that involves reading or adjusting stuff with the brain."

Roz says, "So on our game, psionics include Rohan, Huruma, Daniyah, Talya, Eleanor -- am I missing any"

Sao says, "Kazik"

Roz says, "oh yeah"

Roz says, "him"

Rohan says, "That guy."

Sao says, "I think we used to have another few but they fell off."

Tez says, "that guy"

Roz says, "Psionic powers work exclusively on humans, because they are based in a part of the human brain called the psionic center. Since stuff is accessed via that, psionics generally have an awareness of the human brains in their power range."

Huruma says, "It seems I have another thing that I apped and was okayed but is different in this writeup."

Roz says, "The minor animal empathy?"

Huruma says, "another thing."

Roz says, "What is it?"

Huruma says, "do you want me to page or just interrupt you I'm sorry I didn't mean to"

Roz says, "Just interrupt"

Sao says, "We're trying to samepage here so if there's something you've got that you want clarification on I say go for it personally"

Roz says, "I am mostly just summarizing the primer I shared"

Huruma says, "the shielding against other people. I had in mine a line: "Huruma has minor mental resistance to other psionic abilities(telepathy, empathy, mind control, et cetera.)" and that was a part of hers. and like the animal thing I talked to roz about before, it's contrasted"

Rohan realizes Huruma's +mutation are about ten times as long as Ro's. Whoops.

Tat says, "We should maybe not that like. This is not a 'one size fits all' thing."

Tat says, "There can be variations I think for specific mutants /if specified/."

Sao says, "There's a difference between what resistances a psionic can have versus what resistances a non-psionic can have also"

Huruma says, "i didn;t understand tez's sentence"

Sao says, "You're S.O.L. shielding if you have a garden variety brain"

Roz says, "Tez didn't say anything"

Huruma says, "er. tat"

Huruma says, "sorry, T names."

Tat says, "Add an 'e' to my 'not'. Note."

Tat says, "SORRY."

Orianne says, "My inner Daniyah may have just laughed evilly at Sao's 'S.O.L.' comment."

Huruma says, "Okay. So in the interest of clarification on my end, where would Huruma stand here?"

Tat says, "Like it can be part of Hu's special brand of empathy that she's got a little bit of extra shielding against other psionics even more than the usual empath would. Because that's just how hers works."

Tat says, "But I also think that 'a little extra shielding' just means a determined psionic has to work harder to get past it, not that she's invulnerable."

Tez says, "All psionics do have extra shielding, period, compared to baselines humies"

Huruma says, "yeah, that's what I was getting at originally. Just that it'd be harder to get into her."

Huruma says, "not invulnerability"

Sao says, "Y"

Huruma says, "It's not really come up yet"

Roz says, "Kazik and Daniyah can TAKE NOTE"

Huruma says, "The astral plane thing makes me excitable btw."

Tat says, "You should have seen our first draft of the astral plane."

Sao says, "it was literally just the old @shrughands face"

Sao says, "p.s."

Sao says, "SO"

Huruma says, "lol"

Sao says, "(I posted a log about that today. Eleanor sort of explains it. There are sheep.)"

Roz says, "I don't know if it's actually helpful for me to continue just summarizing the things we already wrote unless people want to. Do people just want to throw more questions around?"

Sao says, "if questions are scary I can keep talking about sheep"

Talya says, "Should New Rus follow the rules of the Astral Plane inasmuch as it...follows rules?"

Sao says, "I feel like what we did with old Rus was that it was like, Illyana had her own astral pocket that was warped by her dreamscape -- so Talya's is just Talya's, it's not part of the main thing."

Sao says, "I do sort of wonder if Eleanor could get into it through her head, but that's a different ... question and probably not relevant right now"

Sao says, "What talya does is weird because she physically goes to an astral pocket"

Sao says, "But I feel like the answer to your question is that the Rasputins are weird?"

Huruma says, "lol"

Sao says, "Maybe?"

Talya is fine with that. ;)

Orianne says, "Maybe you could break out of New Rus and wander the main dreamscape physically!"

Orianne says, "PLOT SEED."

Roz says, "no"

Huruma says, "I keep thinking of it like the Crystal Gems' rooms."

Huruma says, "key required!"

Sao says, "hee"

Orianne says, "So only Steven can get into all the astral pockets, Hu?"

Huruma says, "yes"

Sao says, "You don't want to go into the astral plane physically, it's a scary place and there are ghosts there."

Orianne says, "Ahem. Anyway, I guess I do have a question from a pure mechanics standpoint. Namely, while these rules make for good guidelines, we're probably going to have to get a little handwavey when psionics are used in scenes without a GM. Is there any sort of guideline we should follow there?"

Huruma flashback to the gamemovie Beyond Two Souls.

Sao says, "What kind of guideline are you looking for?"

Tat says, "The scary answer is usually 'psionics win'"

Sao says, "I mean, yes, psionics win"

Tez says, "Psionic vs. psionic can be determined by dice rolls."

Sao says, "We actually have kind of a weird thing going on where none of our psionics are even the same strength except maybe Kazik vs Daniyah and I don't think that's ICly likely to happen"

Tez says, "Playing a psionic places a burden of responsbility on the player not to be a dcikhole about it"

Tat says, "We are actually kind of careful with psionics because psionics vs everyone else is usually psionics win."

Tat says, "And it could in theory get nasty if people aren't nice."

Huruma says, "we can do some fake rolls in here if you guys want to see how it pans out ;)"

Tat says, "Though there is a question of, say, empath vs telepath."

Sao says, "Sure, if you want. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of versus we're talking about."

Tat says, "In terms of emotions."

Tat says, "I'm not sure dice would cover that."

Tez says, "Empaths will generally win because they have a bonus to it for being empaths"

Sao says, "Huruma beats Tom, y"

Roz says, "Yeah"

Orianne says, "I mean less with PCs, and more with NPCs. Psionics versus NPCs seem a little like they have the potential for godmode."

Tat says, "Yeah. So you'd +3 or something, IDK."

Tez says, "Psionics are godmode vs PCs"

Huruma says, "ah, that's right anne."

Tat says, "And NPCs."

Sao says, "That's why we are such buttheads about insisting on limitations when people app."

Tat says, "Tez is srsly right about burden of responsibility to not be a jerk."

Tez says, "What kinds of things are you thinking of psionics doing?"

Tat says, "Not just in terms of not godemoding people, but also in sharing story."

Tez says, "Telepaths can't just knock NPCs or PCs out"

Sao says, "Well"

Sao says, "That's actually not true"

Huruma says, "like I was tempted to make those muggers start flailing and peeing themselves and didn't"


Tez says, "SHUT UP SAO"

Sao says, "Telepaths CAN just knock a PC or a NPC out"

Huruma says, "(ever see a grown man shit his pants I can show you)"

Tez says, "We've wanked it in the past as being difficult to do"

Sao says, "Yeah, it's not easy, it requires either great force or great precision"

Tat says, "You could make muggers super scared of something, yeah."

Huruma says, "(I'm being silly)"

Huruma says, "or am I"

Roz says, "But note that different people can have different reactions to terror"

Tat says, "No, I mean, that's literally part of how you'd use your mutation in combat."

Tat says, "Yeah. You control emotions but not reactions."

Huruma roll terror + despair

Rohan says, "I keep getting scared of what Ro /could/ do and backing off."

Huruma says, "haha ro. aw."

Tez says, "Some people flight. Some people fight."

Orianne says, "Daniyah's entire character conceit is largely that she figures, 'We're all on our own, and everyone hates mutants and expects we're using our powers against them at all times. So if I'm going to be blamed for it, I might as well just do it, and get my way.' Now, she's not going to do that to other mutants, because I tried to write her such that she won't be a /complete/ asshole to other players, but she'll probably cheat-code her way through a lot of interactions with baseline humans."

Roz says, "That's okay"

Tez says, "The main problem you run into is that she's leaving psionic fingerprints all over"

Huruma says, "gurl put down the game genie"

Tez says, "She can get caught"

Tez says, "it's a problem she might not even really be aware of"

Tat says, "And not only psionic fingerprints - there are other ways to catch on to being manipulated."

Roz says, "There's a reason Kazik was so nervous about the memory of Lexie's telepath big brother"

Orianne nods. So that makes for a limiting factor. A reason for her either to only do it when she actually needs to, or to restrict herself to a 'light touch' where possible.

Roz says, "Yeah, a non-subtle telepath can definitely make a person aware that something's going on in their head"

Orianne says, "Meaning it's a good reason to not just godmode."

Tat says, "Like doing things out of character."

Tat says, "Even a light touch will leave fingerprints, FYI."


Huruma make handwavey motions at Mik and Hu

Tat says, "Not leaving fingerprints is like-- very high level psionic stuff."

Roz says, "So often the mark of a really good telepath is actually subtlety"

Tat says, "Is it even possible?"

Orianne says, "Sure, but they're probably less noticeable fingerprints, right? Or does a light tweak and a complete-stomping-of-free-will leave the same degree of mark?"

Tat says, "To not leave fingerprints?"

Roz says, "No, they're definitely different levels, Ori"

Tez says, "It's possible to not leave fingerprints -- or rather, to leave the fingerprints of another telepath"

Orianne says, "More to the point, I'd assume light touch/small alterations make it less likely anyone's going to even LOOK for psionic alterations in the first place."

Tat says, "Yes, that is true."

Roz says, "Exactly"

Roz says, "Basically, the more work a telepath has to do, the more likely they are to leave a trail"

Tez says, "And the more work they do, the stronger their unique signature"

Tez says, "Telepathic fingerprints are as much about how they do it as what they do"

Sao says, "Yeah, and subtler, smaller work will fade more quickly or be harder to detect"

Rohan says, "So, specialized psionics are more powerful in their field than general telepaths. What does that mean, really? Like, for example, what can Ro do with memories that a tepe can't do or do as well? Lighter fingerprints, etc?"

Sao says, "Lighter, probably faster, probably less power expenditure for similar effect"

Tez nods at Sao

Roz says, "Yeah"

Tez says, "Nothign to do with fingerprints really"

Sao says, "I keep wanting to use Tom as an example because he apparently still lives in my head and I don't know how helpful these fits of nostalgia are but I think Tom and Rohan could do the same thing to a memory mostly, but Rohan could do a lot more of it and Tom would probably need to lie down afterwards."

Roz says, "If Rohan and Kazik had to dig for the same memory in someone's head, Rohan would get there faster and spend less energy on it"

Sao says, "Yeah"

Roz says, "psionic race"

Tat says, "In terms of altering memories, he might also be able to do a better job of seamlessly changing things, or creating more convincing substitutions."

Sao says, "Depending."

Tat says, "Or like, doing so may come more naturally to Rohan, while Kazik may have to really work to learn it."

Sao says, "Yeah."

Tez says, "Yeah"

Roz says, "Yeah"

Tez says, "editing especially"

Tez says, "Like in terms of difficulty,r eading is easy, so relatively easy for a telepath, cakewalk for rohan. Editing is massively complicated even for Emma / jean."

Tat says, "Not to say that Kazik couldn't, but it's like-- the difference between a kid who just gets calculus and the kid who studies his ass off."

Tez says, "But for Ro? It's what he's built for."

Sao says, "Also sometimes a specialist can do something a generalist can't do. For example, most telepaths can do a little light dream manipulation and everybody can go to the astral plane and mess with it a bit, but ain't nobody but Eleanor going to be riding around in people's heads like a ghost."

Sao says, "or amahl farouk i guess"

Tez says, "unless they die"

Tat says, "Mwahaha."

Orianne says, "I still want to see Eleanor ride Orianne while Orianne's riding a puppet. Just to see what happens."

Kosei has arrived.

Roz says, "Heya Kosei"

Roz says, "I can paste you what we've chatted about so far but it's a good amount of convo"

Rohan says, "So the fact that Ro /can/ edit memories very very well does make him a bit unusual and sort of alarming."

Kosei says, "Howdy. I'd appreciate that, Roz."

Tez says, "Yeah"

Tez says, "psionics in general freak people out, but telepaths / memory people always seem to freak people out more"

Tez glance tom

Tat says, "Yeah. I mean, if you are a psionic, I feel like 'alarming' is part of the package."

Tez says, "Yeah"

Tat says, "See for example Mikhail's reaction to Eleanor."


Roz says, "Lexie likes them :("

Sao says, "SO UNFAIR"

Rohan had a 'why I am a playing a specialist if a generalist can do what he does' moment but thinks she's got it now.

Rohan says, "No one loves Ro."

Tat says, "And all it takes is one bad psionic to ruin everything."

Rohan sad Ro in snow.

Tat says, "you are playing a specialist because the generalist freaked you out. ;)"


Tat says, "Yeah, he's his /love sposor/."

Rohan cry on Richie's shoulder.

Tez says, "telepaths are very JOATMON"

Sao says, "Eleanor literally MADE HIM AN ENTIRE MEADOW"

Rohan says, "It just occurred to me that Ro's dead best friend in his backstory was also named Richard. Somehow I WILL MILK THIS. Er. Nothing to do with psionics, carry on."

Rohan cry on Ellie's shoulder, too.

Sao pat awkwardly

Rohan says, "He is actually more likely to cry on Richie's. Because he gets the feeling Ellie isn't good with touching."

Roz says, "I'm actually thinking of Heralds and Herald-Mage now and I literally haven't read those books since like middle school but I remember the guy yelling at the other guy about being a snob demanding a Herald-Mage when what he really needed was a Herald specialized to what he needed"

Tez says, "lol"

Sao says, "I have no idea what that is"

Tez says, "any other questions"

Rohan says, "I swear I had a whole bunch but am now forgetting them."

Tez says, "you can always +request them later"

Sao scratch cheek.

Tez says, "orianne, how are you feeling re: guidelines?"

Rohan says, "And I think they mostly had to do with the nature of memories and what Ro can do, and some of it we've discussed before."

Huruma returns, read back.

Tat says, "I'm trying to remember if we've ever actually had a memory person before."

Roz says, "Not in my time"

Orianne says, "I think I feel a little more confident on how to keep Daniyah in her lane. She's still going to be ICly a bit of a terrible person, mind you, but that's by design."

Tat says, "To some extent I feel like you can sort of find inspiration in actual research on memories. In terms of the nature of memory."

Sao says, "Carmen used to fuck over memories"

Sao says, "but she was a generalist NPC that we just used to be terrifying"

Tat says, "Yeah, but she was a-- yes."

Tez says, "She did lean heavy on memory tho"

Tat says, "But I feel like there's a lot about memory that we haven't really established fully."

Roz says, "Certain common sense stuff of how we think about memories applies. Like -- memories closely related to what someone's thinking about might be easy to get to. Something from last year that's totally unrelated? Requires a little digger. Repressed memories even more digging."

Tez says, "I had some light headcanon about short term memory being easier to wipe before it hits long-term: wipe the ram, not the hard disk."

Sao says, "that wasn't headcanon, that was stuff that was used in RP"

Roz says, "staffing: when your headcanon becomes game canon"

Tez says, "yessssssss"

Rohan says, "I think part of what I'm trying to sort out is--memories are fluid by nature. People's memories do alter naturally. That's why eyewitness testimony is actually not terribly reliable. So when Ro accesses memories, especially older ones, is he seeing the one that's drifted over time, or can he see the /actual/ one, one so to speak? Can he see if it's changed and restore it? Unlock stuff that's been forgotten/repressed? Actively replay memories for someone? Like someone suggested to me once maybe he could help seniors by replaying their old memories for them."

Tez says, "Drift"

Roz says, "He could probably do stuff with repressed memories"

Roz says, "It probably wouldn't be pleasant"

Tez says, "The repressed thing -- yeah, I think he could unlock that. If something has been well and truly forgotten -- eh"

Tez wiggle hands

Kosei says, "The actual events aren't imprinted on the brain. If they're repressed then they're still in there, though, so that's something that could happen. With varying results, I'm sure."

Tat says, "Yeah, the brain isn't a video recorder where you're just looking for the right footage."


Sao says, "We used to have a character who could access the actual historical record rather than the memory via projective ghosts"

Sao says, "But without her, we've just got fallible humans."

Tat says, "HEY THAT WAS ME."

Tez says, "that was a cool"

Roz says, "A memory whose details have drifted is still the true memory in that person's head"

Sao says, "y"

Tat says, "That was a fucking plot-breaking mutation is what that was."

Tez says, "so fucking was"

Rohan says, "I'm trying to figure out whether I should be picturing his ability to be more recovery from a HD, or more like...I don't know the analogy. Sifting through film clips that have faded and degraded."

Tat taps fingers. I wonder if he could tell that it's drifted, or gotten 'fuzzy'.

Tez says, "Film clips"

Tat says, "Yeah."

Rohan says, "Yeah, that was my other question."

Tez says, "I think he could probably see fuzziness"

Tez says, "Like wow this is not a great quality clip but here's what I got"

Tat says, "And in fact, I feel like different people probably remember differently so some people are more faded than others."

Tez says, "def"

Tat says, "Some people can't remember what they ate for breakfast, so."

Sao says, "I had ginger ale"

Roz says, "Yeah, if a person, say -- couldn't remember if a car was blue or green, Rohan would probably see that shift/uncertainty in the memory"

Sao says, "Y"

Tat says, "Yeah, so he might have a sense as to how accurate things are. But a vague sense."

Roz says, "Which is kind of cool"

Sao says, "Unless someone is really certain about the thing they are wrong about"

Roz says, "I've never thought about it like this!"

Roz says, "He could probably remind people of stuff that's just below their immediate recall"

Tez says, "yeah"

Roz says, "Like when you just have trouble remembering that thing, but it's not actually forgotten"

Rohan says, "I actually have memories like that. Like things I remember really clearly, but I know from something else didn't happen that way. Like that movie that doesn't actually have the scene you swear was there."


Kosei says, "That could be a fun thing to roleplay, someone gets something stuck on the tip of their tongue and the psychic reminds them what it is before they can remember."

Sao says, "I frequently backfill Roz into memories into which she does not belong"

Roz says, "'Guys you didn't even know me then'"

Tez says, "roz remember that time on HT"

Orianne says, "The Berenstein/Berenstain Bears theory, Tez?"

Tez says, "Y"

Huruma says, "today I swore on my life I saw the truck driver at work but he didn't get there for another hour"


Tez says, "AU Ro"

Huruma LOL

Kosei laughs.

Orianne says, "I'm with you on this, Rohan."

Rohan says, "I think--there's like, memory levels? Like not just short/long term, but also--fresh/accurate, fuzzy, repressed, subconscious that haven't been purged yet, and completely forgotten that can't be recovered."

Tez says, "Yeah"

Rohan says, "So people can normally access the first two. Ro can dig to get the next two levels. The last can't be got at"

Rohan says, "And maybe repressed and subconscious should be flipped in that order but I came up with that on the fly."

Roz says, "Yeah I'd say that's accurate"

Tez says, "repressed / subconscious someone might bea ble to get at themselves with effort, but it willb e less effort to ro to sort through film clips"

Kosei says, "How would damage to a person's ability to record or recall memories affect the psychic trying to interact with them? Such as in a TBI or dementia?"

Tat says, "If the person doesn't have them, the psionic can't get to them."

Tez says, "yeah"

Rohan says, "This is really helping to get a better picture of what Ro can and can't do."

Tez says, "Depends on the mechanism of injury / disease too"

Tat says, "IE, dementia means they're gone, usually."

Huruma says, "stay outta my head charles"

Tez says, "Some are temporary: ro might be able to work through"

Tat says, "Yeah. I mean, telepaths can put up blocks Ro might be able to take down."

Roz says, "He'd probably be good working with people suffering from certain kinds of amnesia"

Rohan says, "Yeah. Could, in theory, Ro /help/ someone with a brain injury depending on the injury--yeah."

Kosei says, "So if the person can't currently access the memory due to an injury or illness, but might at some later date regain that capacity then Ro's the person to go see."

Rohan says, "I think he should do something nice/productive with his power soon."

Tez says, "other questions?"

Rohan says, "Also--what sort of capacity does he have for duplicating memories? Can he replay one of his for someone else? Can he take someone's memory and move it to someone else?"

Tat says, "I'd think so. That'd be editing."

Huruma says, "yikes"

Roz says, "He could plop his memory into someone's head"

Rohan says, "Because...that would be /really/ useful in some situations. You don't need a camera if you've got people who are good at remembering/observing."

Roz says, "It'd probably suffer from like -- copy of a copy thing"

Rohan laughs. I am now wondering if he got amplified whether he'd start a memory storm.

Tez says, "Mmm, even the best at remembering / observing are realy not gonna be anywhere near as good as a camera"

Tat says, "But if you need like, a count of people and visible weapons, it'd probably do."

Rohan says, "Yhea."

Huruma says, "or like, get sucked into someone's deep scope memories"

Huruma says, "memory storm sounds awful"

Tez says, "That sounds more like a peeking than a copying thing"

Tez says, "He absolutely can play his memories for others, but I am struggling to find a way that copying would be that useful"

Rohan says, "I was thinking if he encountered the amplifier he'd just lose control and be flooded with everyone else's memories but maybe he'd start echoing them out to others, too. I don't know. Probably won't happen."

Tez says, "i think that could happen. SOUNDS AWFUL"

Orianne says, "If it sounds awful, it's probably something the GMs will approve of. ;)"

Tez says, "tcbd;ldi"

Rohan says, "Awful for everyone in the room."

Tez says, "please note that would also be pretty draining for him"

Tez says, "bring your juiceboxes"

Tat says, "Hu, do you have any emotion questions?"

Rohan says, "I think I have exhausted my questions for now. I'm sorry if I was getting in anyone's way!"

Huruma says, "hrrrmmm not really"

Tez says, "no ro you are good that is why we are here"

Tat says, "Yup"

Roz point at Orianne next

Roz says, "Talya?"

Orianne says, "I think I'm good. More questions may arise after I've had Daniyah out in scenes. :)"

Talya says, "I had a camera question. let me try to remember what it was"

Huruma says, "its not really a questio, but if people are interested in any fodder for me, looking at lists like this sometimes can help. This is just wikipedia's lists but there are plenty around on the internet."

Huruma says, "I've always preferred the tree but the wheel is nice too."

Talya says, "so obviously if a camera image of her illusion is being viewed out of her range it won't show an illusion. But if someone has a camera within her range and she knows about it, can she spend a little effort and make the image on the back or whatever match?"

Sao says, "On the back of the camera while it's running, you mean?"

Tez says, "She could make them think that they see something else on their camera if they are in her range"

Sao says, "So, what she would be doing is creating an illusion of what the camera is doing, not actually impacting the camera. The recording-- yeah."

Talya says, "Yeah, what Tez said."

Talya says, "But if it was in range and she didn't know it was there, the person would still see the true image?"

Tez says, "Yes"

Talya thumbsup

Tez says, "She's not actually doing anythign to the area or to the camera: she's doing things to the /minds/, so she has to know to effect the minds"

Talya says, "If she does an illusion in a room with someone hiding from her in it, though, that illusion would still be seen, though, right?"

Sao says, "She's impacting minds, not spaces. Typically psionics can detect minds that they are impacting."

Tez says, "She's not just doing an illusion in a room: she's illusing the room to the person hiding from her"

Tez says, "Refocus it as an impact on people not on spaces"

Rohan says, "She'd know the person was there, right? Because psionics sense minds?"

Tez says, "Generally, Ro"

Tez says, "But it also depends on how crowded it is / if she is looking"

Tez says, "psionics sense minds, but psionics also mostly go around shielded"

Tat says, "But with the camera, the question I think is more whether she knows to illuse a camera feed as well as the actual area."

Talya says, "from a logic standpoint, if it's mind-based, it sounds like she's more saying "You see a dragon specifically in front of you" and has to separately do "You see a dragon on the camera" rather than "You see a dragon" that would umbrella both "in front" and "on camera""

Roz says, "Yes"

Roz says, "It's the first one"

Tez says, "i don't understand your use of umbrella"

Tez says, "wait i think i follow"

Tez says, "and yes, the first"

Talya says, "encompass?"

Tez says, "anything else?"

Tez hold up hammer

Tez says, "big beefy mallet"

Talya says, "noes, I'll be good!"

Talya cower

Tez says, "aw honey it's not for you"

Tez says, "it's for this gong shaped like my face"

Tat says, "Well that's a weird visual."

Tez says, "yet compelling"

Rohan says, "I had a question we already covered, but I just want to make sure I'm clear."

Tez says, "Okay"

Tez put down hammer

Rohan says, "Basically, mind communication. Telepaths can talk to anyone. Anyone can talk back, as long as the telepath opens the channel first? Psionics--depends on their power. Ro might be able to talk to non-psionics, but he'd basically have to create micro-memories to do so, so it'd be difficult for him to do so? Do I have that straight?"

Tat says, "Y."

Roz says, "Talking to a telepath is just kind of thinking words"

Tat says, "Basically the telepath has to be listening."

Roz says, "They're just reading your surface thoughts"

Tat says, "If you are super interested we can probably dig up some old logs of lengthy tepe/non tepe conversations."

Tez says, "rohan has to cheat to do it"

Tez says, "but we talked about it before and wanked a good awy for him to do it in a totally non-tepe way"

Tez says, "that was pretty great"

Rohan says, "He can do what is functionally the same thing, but he does it in a completely different way."

Roz says, "Yeah"

Tez says, "Yeah"

Rohan says, "And since he hasn't been doing it, I think he may slowly work up to it."

Tat says, "We need Tom to visit and give him a psionic crash course or something."

Rohan laughs. I was just thinking that.

Roz says, "tom loves memory manipulators"

Tat says, "oh yeah totally."

Rohan says, "He needs a tepe mentor. He has this psionic solidarity with Ellie, but she's a specialist, too, in something completely different."

Sao says, "Lol."

Sao says, "I could probably be persuaded to bring Tom out but we might want to try -- you know, developing PCs as opposed to me being self-indulgent."

Sao says, "Pax has made a lot of noises about Ro/Dani"

Roz says, "The fun thing that tepes can do when they're talking is communicate in things that aren't just words"

Roz says, "Like Tom gave Lexie an empathic hug basically on-cam"

Tat says, "Y."

Tez says, "i love telepathy ahhhhhhhhhh"

Tat says, "Or sometimes things people don't want communicated by accident oops."

Rohan has another conversation with Lexie about how he doesn't know what he's doing? But, yeah, Ro/Dani is on the table, too.

Sao says, "i'm pretty sure if you said the words to tom that there's a memory manipulator in new york that doesn't know what he's doing that it would bear some kind of fruit"

Huruma send Rohan warm fuzzies

Sao says, "although he hates eleanor fyi"

Rohan says, "I have managed to give Ro a past where he's never known another psionic for every long. Because...I am mean and horrible to my characters."

Rohan says, "Er, that and the fact since I didn't know what I was doing, it made sense to have him not really know what he was doing, either."



Sao says, "OMG THE GONG"

Sao says, "old school"

Rohan sit on hands. I AM REALLY DONE NOW.

Tez wind up

Orianne goes home.

Orianne has left.


Tez says, "okay bye"

Tez says, "if you have other questions +request"

Rohan says, "Look at that. Pax didn't even wait for the gong. :)"

Tez says, "Hope this helepd a little!!!"

Sao says, "!!!!"

Kosei leaves, heading towards the TP Hub [O].

Kosei has left.

Huruma says, "premature extraction it happens"

Huruma goes home.

Huruma has left.

Rohan says, "IT DID. I am full of evil ideas to torment Ro now."

Talya goes home.

Talya has left.

Rohan says, "Er. Also a few good ones to hopefully cheer him up."

Roz says, "i think you got enough torment buddy"

Rohan cry on Richie's shoulder.

Tez says, "hehe"

Tez pinch

Tez goes home.

Tez has left.

Rohan says, "Oh I guess I should go home"

Roz says, "BEGONE"

Rohan flee

Rohan goes home.

Rohan has left.

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