2015-11-01 OOC Game Meeting

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OOC Game Meeting
Date Posted 2015/11/01
Location TP Room
Participants Tat, Sao, Roz, Tez
Summary A game meeting to ask theme questions and other general stuff.
Tat says, "OKAY. Hello everyone."

Tez says, "HI"

Carole says, "HELLO."

Tat says, "We're gonna start by going through the theme questions people left us. If you wanna follow along, they are here:"

Rohan says, "Goededag."

Tat says, "We can sort of pause for follow up questions in logical places, so don't be shy if you have them."

Tat says, "Question:Are IDs virtual or physical?"

Tat says, "Answer: Both, but for most practical purposes, virtual. Physical is primarily a back up or may be required for the sorts of things that now require a certified copy of your birth certificate, that sort of thing."

Roz says, "If you have a longer question and you don't want us to move on while you type it you can yell STOP ps"

Roz says, "Or something like that"

Tat says, "K, I'm gonna hit a bunch of gun/weapon/armor stuff at once, then we can pause for follow ups."

Talya has arrived.

Tat says, "Quesion: Gun laws in 2045!"

Tat says, "Answer: The same as they are today for ease of things. There may have been some back and forth in history but that's where they settled. Thus one can use Google to determine whether you are allowed to have a gun or are carrying illegally. Note that this is in super large part to keep things simple and googleable."

Roz says, " is a good quick reference for NYC gun laws"

Tat says, "Question: What's the state of American personal weapons technology? Are most people who have anything for personal defense still using firearms? Are phasers or lasers or stun-guns common?"

Tat says, "Answer: Stingers are legal and common for self-defense. If you aren't familiar with Stingers, they are basically tasers that shoot like guns (hit +Gear/weapon stinger for info). For most things, you'd be more likely to use a Stinger than a gun."

Tat says, "Question: Is body armor still the 'state of the art' for normal people?"

Tat says, "Answer: Body armor is largely as it is today and is not commonly owned. So most people won't be wearing armor on the job until/unless it becomes a point of RP or plot to acquire some. Clearly there are a few characters who it makes sense already have this."

Tat says, "Okay that's all. Questions, comments"

Kade says, "Oooooo, are there laser-tag style ranges where people can go to do stinger practice? Maybe attached to existing shooting ranges."

Tat says, "Sure, why not. On regular settings stingers will basically take a person down to 'writhing on the ground', but they can probably be knocked back for that sort of thing."

Tat says, "Though note that the /coded/ stingers are combat-oriented."

Carole says, "Would they still roll off of 'guns'?"

Tat says, "Yeah, they roll off firearms."

Huruma says, "questionnn"

Tez says, "yes hu"

Tat says, "I should note that system-wise, they will not penetrate armor, which means that if your opponent is wearing armor, you should aim somewhere not covered. But if you do hit, they hit hard."

Huruma says, "I was reading up on this wiki page Roz linked; there's a note about Restricted gun permits, and one is a business-class permit. the example it gives are security guards and people that transport valuables, but what kind of other business should this entail? Like I've never been to NYC past tourist places, so I have no idea if say, Huruma could carry while on security jobs versus her security job at the Vault."

Huruma says, "or even if people like PIs or bounty hunters can carry."

Roz says, "I'm doing some quick Googling"

Tat says, "Any other gun/weapon/armor questions while Roz googles?"

Huruma says, "google fu"

Carole says, "What would be typical for anyone trained in the various former factions (X-Men versus X-Force, for example)?"

Kade assumes it's no harder for a mutant to get a handgun permit than anyone else for the sake of simplicity, but I may be wrong, so?

Tat says, "Typical in terms of what, Carole?"

Tez says, "X-Force is def. more militant. X-Men more likely to have learned mutation than guns."

Carole says, "So any "firearms" training would be more likely to be stinger for an X-Man?"

Carole says, "I also assume body armor would be more common for X-Force."

Tez says, "yeah, i'd think so."

Tat says, "I think both would have body armor."

Tat says, "In fact J posed it in his costume last night so."

Tez says, "Black leather body armor"

Roz says, "Security guards and PIs likely fall under the same jurisdiction, Hu. That is, if you have an official business with its official permits in order, you could apply for a carry license for specifically while you're working jobs. It probably also depends on who you're working for. Likely permits for carry jobs like that are going to actually involve the business filing applications for its employees/contractors maybe. I'm not sure."

Carole says, "Okay, just interested in canonical baselines."

Tat says, "Re: mutants and licenses. It's not /legally/ harder to get a permit as a mutant, but certainly there's a human factor where unhelpful clerks may be an issue."

Roz says, "So if you're just kind of doing freelance security oddjobs, you probably won't be able to get a public carry license"

Roz says, "Unless you made your own business"

Tat says, "Sort of how they used to cause problems for black people trying to register to vote or gay people trying to get a marriage license, that sort of thing."

Tez says, "kim davis refusing mutants guns in 2045"

Tat says, "Any other questions? Did that answer things?"

<OOC> Sao is about to join your location.

<OOC> Sao hops into the room.

Sao has arrived.

Sao says, "Sorry I'm late, I have no excuse, I overslept my nap"

Tat says, "OKAY. Mutations and consent."

Tat says, "Question: Regarding Mutational Consent: are there vocations or licenses that allow loopholes of a sort, so that in certain situations a person with an ability can use them?"

Tat says, "Answer: NOPE."

Tat says, "Question: What about using powers under things like Good Samaritan laws and things?"

Tat says, "Answer: There are good samaritan laws where consent is implied to beneficial usage - so yes, you can use your mutation to help someone, but you always run the risk of having to prove that it was a Good Thing in court."

Roz says, "(which the courts are probably super mean about)"

Sao says, "In practice, unless you are actually healing people or doing something that is inarguably beneficial, there's risk."

Tat says, "Question: Related to this, are there certain situations, or locations where consent is given by attending or being at the location?"

Tat says, "Answer: Yes, there can be implied consent from entering certain locations/doing certain activities under an assumption of the risk doctrine. Also having people sign consent forms via their Eyes before entering or taking part in an activity is a thing. There is also a provision that permits mutation use in defense of self/others in limited contexts - though again, you may end up having to prove this in a court."

Tat says, "Okay. That's all the consent/mutation stuff. Questions/follow-ups/comments?"

Roz says, "Proving good samaritan and self-defense stuff involving mutations will generally be harder than it is otherwise just for prejudicial reasons"

Sao says, "I guess this may be an IC clarification issue, but Jeremy IS having you guys do things that are at least borderline/grey area when he's having you use your mutations in the field. He's just not taking jobs that are obvious crimes."

Tat says, "Unless you know an unethical telepath."

Sao says, "He's chaotic good, not lawful good."

Sao says, "if that helps."

Roz says, "Everyone make friends with Kazik"

Carole says, "okay"

Huruma says, "that's a thing I was wondering about too, yeah. whether XFS is like 'okay use your powers' or just turns a blind eye? or something. and a lot of the consent stuff came from me wondering about what Huruma can do in security situations, etc."

Roz says, "OH"

Roz says, "One thing about consent"

Sao says, "Some of this is stuff I would love to RP with Hu specifically about, but I will say that for an empath or someone who can impact people subtly over a wide radius, how in the fuck can they even catch you to prosecute?"

Roz says, "lol"

Roz says, "A thing about consent specifically in Mutant Town"

Sao says, "Oh yeah"

Roz says, "Is that it's like the ultimate taboo to report a mutant for illegal mutation use in Mutant Town"

Sao says, "There's a culture in mutant town against not ratting each other out and to report another mutant to the fuzz for using mutant powers is like, BEYOND THE PALE"

Huruma says, "yeah, me too sao. it seems ike something cool to hit on."

Huruma says, "haha"

Roz says, "On the one hand it's cool because COMMUNITY and it's very much about protecting their own"

Sao says, "Basically when I say Jeremy isn't taking jobs that are crimes, what I'm actually saying is that BECAUSE a lot of the ways we're doing legitimate jobs are questionably legal, he's making sure that he's not taking jobs that look like he's a crime boss."

Roz says, "On the other hand, it can probably end up having shitty consequences in specific situations which we may run scenes about"

Tat says, "Yeah, a lot of this is like. We want you guys to know where things lie legally, but most of the fun of it in the theme is finding the lines and pushing the lines and blurring the lines in RP. especially for things like psionic mutations. Playing with that is one of the things that makes mutations fun."

Huruma says, "if Jeremy is a crime boss can I be his evil cat"

Sao says, "maybe."

Tat says, "So /generally/ I don't think we're gonna be like 'that NPC saw you use a portal at a greyhound station and now you're arrested!'"

Rohan is currently making a very long mental list of just how deep into illegality Ro is. Oops.

Tat says, "It's more likely to be an actual plot point. though if you RP running around lighting lots of NPCs on fire all the time you'll probably find some consequences."

Roz says, "I bet those NPCs deserved it"

Tez says, "what if they deser--"

Rohan says, "They were mean NPCs."

Huruma laughs.

Kade figures we can ask if something blatant comes up in RP.

Tat says, "I think too in terms of the mutants not reporting other mutants in Mutant Town, there's a level of also self-policing. Like, if you run around making shit for perfectly innocent mutants, someone may come knocking on your door."

Huruma says, "like those mugger kids."

Roz says, "COMMUNITY"

Tat says, "ANd be like. This isn't cool. Let's see how you like it."

Roz says, "community ass whooping"

Huruma says, "I think that's interesting."

Tat says, "And whether that happens may depend on who you know and how well liked you are by certain people, that sort of thing."

Tat says, "Basically like mutant mafia but with less centralization."

Huruma says, "in that vein are known ex-X-people regarded in certain ways?"

Sao says, "That's a good question."

Roz says, "That's a great question"

Tat says, "Well. One thing to keep in mind is that 'known' isn't always a thing. Like. Ciel does not make it known that she was X-Force."

Sao says, "and then there's Jeremy prancing around in his old uniform on halloween"

Huruma says, "exactly"

Tat says, "Yeah. I'd generally assume that you do /not/ know that someone was X-something unless someone has told you IC. Or you ask them OOC."

Sao says, "I think the reaction is mixed."

Roz says, "i bet it depends if they were a magneto follower or an xavier follower"

Tat says, "Though you can certainly form suspicions based on actions/training/whatever."

Sao says, "I think that even people who thought the X-Men were the good guys are probably upset that they disbanded and sold out to the State."

Sao says, "Part of what J is doing is waving as many LOOK AT ME! flags as he can think of."

Sao says, "It's not without risk."

Tat says, "Yeah. I think it's safe to say that reaction is extremely varied."

Tat says, "re: X-Force in particular, I might also remind that they were publicly involved with, you know, destroying staten island, and there was a HUGE public hubub around their disbanding."

Tat says, "Lots and lots of nasty accusations, that sort of thing."

Tez says, "maybe they shouldn't have destroyed staten island"

Roz glance at Richie

Tez long stare at richie.

Carole says, "For serious, guys."

Rohan says, "It happens when you destroy an island."

Kade >.>

Tat says, "Anything else along any of those lines?"

Tat says, "OKAY."

Jay has arrived.

Tat says, "Question: Are Friends Of Humanity a thing in this setting? If not are terrorist organizations of a similar fashion mainstream?"

Tat says, "Answer: Yes. At some point hopefully this week I will write a brief history of such. But the basic gist is that they showed up shortly after Magneto and Liberty Island and haven't really gone away. They are clearly a /hate/ group, which means extremism of a level that most sane people don't quite admit to."

Jay says, "I bet most people are like 'I don't hate mutants, but...'"

Tat says, "Yeah."

Tat says, "'I just don't want them on the school bus next to my kid'"

Tat says, "That sort of thing."

Roz says, "'I'm not a bigot, I just don't want them teaching my children'"

Rohan says, "They're fine as long as they stay in their place, which is nowhere near me."

Tat says, "Questions?"

Tat says, "Okay! I'm gonna hit a bunch of lesser ones real fast and then we can do questions on any of them."

Tat says, "Question: Has America finally gotten with the metric system?"

Tat says, "Answer: Not officially, but many people use it alongside the imperial system."

Tat says, "Q: What's transportation like, beyond the air cars?"

Tat says, "A: High speed train. Probably we will make a map."

Tat says, "Q: Can mutants travel by airline?"

Tat says, "A: No."

Jay says, ">_> Jay has probably never been out of the country. That'd be dangerous."

Tat says, "Q: Are people arriving from other countries required to declare whether they are mutants at the border? Are there any restrictions on mutants entering or leaving the country?"

Tat says, "A: Required to show ID and declare mutational status. No restrictions on leaving. Lots of red tape on entering. It's not likely unless the US really really wants you. Thus there's a hopping trade in fake IDs and smuggling mutants in."

Tat pauses there for questions.

Kade says, "So mutants can't travel internationally at all, if they can't get on a plane?"

Carole says, "For the international folk, is the airline restriction international and/or recent? Would they have likely entered the US in another way?"

Sao says, "Boats, charter flights, private planes"

Tat says, "They can. There's just lots of red tape."

Tat says, "They would have either entered another way or cheated."

Rohan says, "Unless they're carrying ID that doesn't indicate them as a mutant, I assume."

Tat says, "Correct."

Tat says, "/Hopping/ trade in fake IDs."

Rohan has been debating internally about how legal Ro's residency is, hence why I asked this question. :)

Carole says, "So your average international Xavier student probably hopped a boat or had a fake ID."

Tat says, "Note that the point here is not to actually make it super difficult to travel RP-wise. So we sort of-- closed one thematic door, but wanted to be sure we opened a window."

Tat says, "Well. Xavier students also had Xavier."

Carole says, "True. Resources from heaven."

Jay says, "Are there variations on Eye accessories other than what's listed on the site? Like, are there cool alternate ways to use that tech? Such as different glasses and headsets for different levels of functionality. Kind of like how some people use gaming mice, or headsets. Like, I imagine that the way Eyes typically work are probably shit for surround sound, which is why the other day I said Jay had -two- earpieces in."

Kade says, "I wonder if charter plane services, also, would be trying to make money off this. Charging super-high fees for plane tickets."

Tat says, "Rohan, for example, would have no problem going anywhere if he's willing to use his mutation."

Tat says, "For now, Jay, we are only taking questions related to the topic under discussion."

Jay says, "Ah, alright!"

Rohan coughs.

Tez says, "Almost certainly, Kade."


Rohan says, "Bypassing red tape is one of his favourite uses for it."

Kade says, "So it's legally in theory do-able to take a European vacation legally, just insanely expensive and prohibitive."

Sao says, "I am imagining an enterprising travel insurance company doing a mutant policy for a charter service too"

Tat says, "Red tape for entering would also vary according to county."

Sao says, "Yes"

Tat says, "Yeah."

Tat says, "And it's pretty easy to take one /illegally/."

Tat says, "For just slightly over the usual costs."

Tat says, "Anything else on travel, or mutants and travel?"

Huruma says, "I didn't think twice about being an international person when I apped, erf."

Huruma says, "no idea how that went."

Tat says, "Just have a fake ID."

Tat says, "I'd think most mercs would anyway."

Rohan says, "I didn't think about it initially and then thought about it later."

Huruma says, "yeah."

Tat says, "To be clear, we are basically presuming that there are mutants out there making good enough fake IDs to fool gov't security."

Tat says, "These laws are sort of along the lines of forcing everyone to take them damn shoes off at the airport."

Huruma says, "I'm betting Huruma might have-- a lot. do they test anyone coming in? like active testing?"

Roz says, "n"

Roz says, "I imagine that would be prohibitively expensive"

Huruma says, "so I wouldn't boop a machine if I walked through one, then. and yeah."

Roz says, "They don't have magic instant mutation sensors"

Rohan briefly pictures everyone having to walk through the mutant scanner. Boop.

Orianne arrives from the TP Hub.

Orianne has arrived.

Tez says, "we nuked that kind of tech right at the start for development later in play if we want"

Sao says, "Yeah"

Sao says, "We also killed telepathic inhibitors"

Tat says, "Speaking of Mutant registration, here is what that means practically: Your driver's license says mutants y/n (not the type or strength or danger or anything), only the government has access to the database/info on what your mutation is. Employers can get access to your database entry if you sign a release, like social security info - and some jobs won't hire you unless you sign the release."

Tez says, "in the meantime, there's some teleporter in mutant town with a little sign in the window like 'VACATION HOLIDAYS'"

Sao says, "omg"

Tat says, "Illy'd make a killing."

Sao says, "shit, do we have any long-range people transporters? I'm gonna cut in on their business"

Tat says, "N."

Huruma cackle.

Sao shake fist at sky

Tez says, "there, there."

Huruma says, "I like the registration details too. I was wondering about that. who has access."

Huruma says, "I only thought of it while we were in here"

Talya says, "I was gonna say, during school days, all of Talya's trips with friends were done by Mom"

Roz says, "Hah"

Rohan pictures sweatshops hiring tons of desperate and low-powered mutants.

Tez says, ":'("

Huruma pictures us emptying one out for mercs and burning it down.

Tat says, "OKAY."

Rohan says, "We don't care if you're a mutant! Come run around a big warehouse!"

Tat says, "Q: Does the US have any form of socialized health care or are we all going to die painfully if we dont have health insurance?"

Tat says, "A: Yes, a single-payer government-provided system, but it's a new and imperfect system often requiring long wait times, and hospitals and practices often find reasons to turn away mutants."

Orianne says, "This gives me some ideas on how Orianne's secondary job hunt -- as an openly-mutant foreign national -- is going. Or, perhaps more accurately, failing to go."

Rohan says, "Guess who asked that question."

Tez says, "lolol"

Tat says, "It's like the one thing we were like 'CHANGE THAT LAW' about."

Tez says, "yeah"

Tat says, "in most cases we chose to stay the same for simplicity's sake."

Tez says, "A lot of things were like 'let's keep it the same for ease'"

Sao says, "There's a reason Jeremy is running XFS. It should not be easy for anybody to be getting other work ICly."


Sao says, "Yeah."

Sao says, "fuck it."

Rohan bleeds to death.


Tat says, "A: Yes, in all the places you mention. Except there has been carriage horse reform and now they're treated better."

Tat says, ""Guess who asked that question, too."

Huruma stuff tissues in Rohan.

Tez says, "The fact that there are long wait times, etc. still leave business open for pc docs / healers, too."

Roz says, "I made us reform carriage horse laws because they're treated so poorly here :("

Rohan says, "Carriage horses are actually treated quite well at present."

Sao says, "I don't believe you."

Tat says, "Q: Is American politics still a two-party system? Have we finally got a viable third party? Is there actually a minority party that runs on a mutant rights platform?"

Tat says, "A: Yes, no, yes, but it's very small and doesn't tend to win elections. It's called the Liberty Party."

Roz says, "Not in NYC"

Tat says, "Q: For that matter, are mutants allowed to hold political office?"

Tat says, "A: Sure, if they can win."

Tat pauses for questions.

Tat says, "Okay then! Eyes."

Tat says, "Q: How do Eyes work? Like, are they activated by voice commands and do people walk around talking to themselves all the time?"

Tat says, "A: Both. Can recognize gestures to launch basic commands and includes a holographic keyboard for textual input, scrolling through things, etc. Can also take voice commands. Requires voice or keyboard input for things like messages. Not unlike Siri/Google Now plus gestures."

Tat says, "Now you can ask your Eye question Jay."

Tat says, "Yeah, Eyes are really just a continuation of tech that's in experimental stages now. There's a link to Microsoft's HoloLens on the wiki that gives some pretty good ideas."

Huruma says, "What can hackers do to Eyes and Ears?"

Tat says, "Same thing they can do to your phones."

Tat says, "Or your computers."

Huruma says, "so it's not any harder or easier? would people be able to affect you physically through them?"

Roz says, "No, they're not implants"

Tat says, "I think in general it's pretty hard, but not /undoable/. Physically-- it's wearable tech, not implants."

Tat says, "So like, they could affect how loud that sound in your ear is."

Roz says, "Or throw something obnoxious across your vision"

Tat says, "Whether you sudddenly can't see until you take your Eyes out."

Tat says, "But they can't like, make your physical eyes stop working."

Huruma says, "I was thinking more like light spectrum damage and stuff"

Tez says, "i expect there are probably hardware limitations on how bright it can get if you are thinking flashbang or something?"

Tat says, "Yeah, they could do the same sorts of damage that someone standing in front of you with a too-bright light could."

Huruma says, "like looking at the sun til you yank it out I guess"

Tat says, "Yeah, that makes sense."

Tat says, "Sound-wise, too."

Jay says, "Are there variations on Eye accessories other than what's listed on the site? Like, are there cool alternate ways to use that tech? Such as different glasses and headsets for different levels of functionality. Kind of like how some people use gaming mice, or headsets. Like, I imagine that the way Eyes typically work are probably shit for surround sound, which is why the other day I said Jay had -two- earpieces in. (reposted!)"

Huruma says, "admittedly this is all one other reason Huruma wasn't always wearing them in scenes except when Jay asked about it I had to bullshit a bit"

Tat says, "Eyes don't actually have sound, just to be clear."

Huruma says, "I imagine she's keener on tablet things and stuff and Ears."

Tat says, "But I mean, sure, there are different levels of 'ears' for people who like different things."

Jay says, "Yeah, that's what I mean."

Tat says, "Different tablets, different ways of interacting."

Sao says, "Capitalism is alive and well"

Tez says, "AMERICA"

Jay says, "Like, just, different interaction suites for eyes and ears."

Moody says, "I have Maxim not wearing Eyes because, hello, recording devices and crime do not go hand in hand."

Tez says, "oh smart"

Huruma says, "same here, maxie :D"

Moody says, "But Moo wears hers all the time."

Tat says, "And generally you can make that sort of thing up as long as it sort of fits."

Sao says, "Maxim is ten times smarter than most of my clients"

Tez says, "lol"

Huruma says, "hehe"

Moody says, "He has a good brain."

Huruma pet his hair

Jay says, "Yeah, I was mostly wondering if they were versatile as any tech we have right now."

Moody says, "It's just his muscles tend to distract from that."

Sao says, "Can't tell you how many times I've seen in discovery text messages saying things like 'I just robbed a gas station and I need a place to hide out'"

Tat says, "Yeah, and 'Eyes' is like saying 'Kleenex'."

Sao beat head against desk

Moody says, "The reason I am not a criminal is that I am smarter than most criminals."

Rohan says, "Never admit it."

Tat says, "It's a name that means a type of tech, not like... that is, Google has Eyes, Apple has Eyes, etc."

Sao says, "They don't both have Eyes"

Tat says, "Eyes is just slang for wearable visual interfaces."

Tat says, "Yes they do!"

Tez says, "iEye"

Tez says, "googley eyes"

Jay says, "I just imagine that Jay occasionally wears an obnoxious headset for "serious" gaming."

Tat says, "Tiny computers embedded in contacts are a ubiquitous technology. Nicknamed 'Eyes' regardless of brand, they offer a live, versatile heads-up display that allows for everything from browsing the internet to receiving and reading messages to watching movies to typing on a virtual keyboard only the user can see."

Tat says, "SEE?"

Huruma says, "iEye mascot an ayeaye"

Tez says, "AYEAYE"

Rohan says, "iEye sits on your eyes more stylishly."

Tez says, "googley eyes are more adorable"

Tat says, "Keep in mind too that Eyes aren't like the be all end all of tech. You can still have a gaming PC with a more indepth occulus rift type headset."

Tat says, "And your Eyes can interface with a table like an iPad."

Tat says, "Basically we advanced Google Glass and said 'now let's make it less obnoxious to look at'."

Jay says, "Makes sense."

Jay says, "Yeah, I was asking 'cause I often pose Jay obnoxiously gaming in public."

Jay says, "So wanted to know my possibilities."

Tat says, "So stuff you play on your Eyes would be like mobile games. Vs. the stuff you'd want real raw power for that's probably less portable, I think."

Tat says, "Though 'mobile games' is probably more flexible now because the interface is totally different."

Orianne says, "Apple probably has the iBall."

Rohan groans.

Orianne :D

Tat says, "Anything else about Eyes or other tech?"

Jay says, "These days we're probably doing X-Box One stuff as mobile games, while straight up PC gaming is probably like being in the goddamned Matrix."

Rohan locks Pax in the bad punsters box.

Tat says, "Ha, yeah."

Tat says, "That's all we've got on the list. Are there any other theme questions in general?"

Jay says, "I'm good, that was my most pressing question, as it affected my posing."

Jay says, "I mean, as far as Eyes go."

Jay says, "I know that there's X-Force, but will straight up underground protagonist groups ever be a thing, or is it just really far outside of the tone of the theme? Or maybe I'm just stupidly ignoring something that already exists."

Tat says, "X-Factor, you mean?"

Roz says, "X-Force is disbanded. I assume you mean X-Factor? (I can't imagine how you would get those two HIGHLY SIMILAR WORDS mixed up. Staff DEFINITELY NEVER DOES THAT.)"

Jay says, "Yeah."

Jay says, "That's what I meant."

Jay says, "I mean, X-Factor is basically one of those groups that teaches Chinese immigrants how to cook and then assigns them to a store."

Tat says, "I dunno that we can answer that. I think that what XFS is will change significantly as time goes on. We didn't actually build a game intending to do mutant odd jobs for forever."

Sumit says, "hey, it's better than getting it mixed up with the X-Factor over here *shudders*"

Rohan says, "No? *put down odd job scorecard*"

Jay says, "Ahh."

Tat says, "How it evolves is gonna depend a lot on the plots you guys choose to run and the ones we run and how people react ICly and... all sorts of things."

Huruma says, "that's why I try to say XFS instead, heh"

Tat says, "But XFS is /the/ faction we intend to have."

Jay says, "Makes sense."

Jay says, "Jay is in mutant denial, so I haven't really do anything XFS-related."

Jay says, "done*"

Jay says, "I plan to."

Jay says, "Once he like, makes progress."

Tat says, "It's why we suggest people build characters for XFS. Because plots will be attached to that group."

Tat says, "Which is maybe a nice segue. Does anyone have questions about how the game works, or will work, or you want it to work, or policies, or code, or... anything?"

Carole says, "It does seem like I need to play against more of a "dystopic" feel than I have currently."

Tat says, "I think the general feel is tiny oasis of mutant solidarity in broader anti-mutant dystopia. We are definitely open to ideas for how to communicate that feel."

Jay says, "We need +pot. Or maybe I'm just spoiled from using it for so long."

Sao says, "Marijuana?"

Sumit says, "+pot?"

Orianne says, "I'm hoping that we eventually see more mixing between groups. Right now, I feel like the NYPD players have some (unsurprising) difficulty interacting with like 95% of all people who are't NYPD."

Rohan considers. I feel a little like we could make Mutant Town feel more close-knit/community, but I don't have any solid ideas so I suck.

Jay says, "To recall poses in a scene, that way the flow of things aren't easily disrupted when people get disconnected, or when new people join a scene and want to quickly catch up."

Sao says, "Oh."

Sao says, "I don't think that's going to happen."

Rohan says, "Ask someone to +paste you."

Tez says, "You've used Volund's stuff, Jay?"

Orianne says, "Volund's stuff doesn't co-exist well with Faraday's, last I checked."

Tat says, "The NYPD (at least Irena and Vega) are planning to out themselves and join XFS."

Jay says, "I -know- Volund, haha. I've played in games coded by him, but I also play in a game with a totally different +pot coded by someone else."

Sao says, "When you're talking about mixing between groups, my understanding is that at some point our MA cops are going to get outed and they're going to end up being roped into the faction."

Jay says, "I could always -ask- Volund himself."

Sao says, "It was never meant to be a sustainable, separate NYPD org that was going to continue ad infinitum to my knowledge."

Tat says, "Which is something we'll move toward soon I think. Some things kind of got unexpectedly pushed back when October hit a few of staff like a bitch."

Tat says, "Right."

Sao says, "Yeah"

Orianne nods to Sao. I plan to eventually out Kaylee as well. (I already sort of laid the groundwork, what with her using plasma to apprehend the Central Park shooter.)

Tat says, "We are a one-faction game."

Kade honestly prefers single-faction games. Everyone has a reason to RP with everyone else.

Tat says, "Yeah, that's the idea."

Tat says, "Belatedly, Ro, we'll work on it. Halloween was partly an effort to do that."

Jay says, "I -wanted- to be in it last night, but candy really burned me out."

Jay says, "I'm -still- feeling it."

Kade assumes a lot of XFS jobs might come from either within Mutant Town or from closeted mutants elsewhere in the city. Idk how to play that up, tho.

Rohan says, "It takes some time, I know, but I can see more clearly now what you're trying for and it's not there yet."

Jay says, "I should have Jay go to Mutant Town some time."

Jay says, "I imagine he's just kind of avoided it."

Tat says, "For those who are new to us, I do want to emphasize that we rely on player run plots in conjunction with staff run stuff. You'll start to see some stuff from us, but we also really want to encourage you guys to run things - both one-off scenes and longer plots that might involve some travel. Thanks to everyone who's signed up to run a job scene, btw."

Huruma says, "I can get the halloween log up soon I just keep forgetting to finish editing."

Tat says, "If you want to run a plot, all it takes is letting staff know and we'll put you on the calendar. We will put stuff on the calendar /months/ in advance, so if you know that right now sucks but want to commit to January, just let us know."

Tat says, "We are also happy to help flesh out ideas or answer questions."

Sao says, "And I'll be getting another round of job mail out probably in the next couple hours."

Rohan is running something this week! I'm terrified.

Tat says, "Does anyone have questions about running things?"

Tez says, "yaaaaaaaaaay ro"

Huruma says, "oh I did have something I wanted to clarify"

Tat says, "If you haven't signed up, we still have a few spots we'd like to fill:"

Sumit says, "I don't reliably know in advance if I'm going to be free a few weeks ahead or not, but I' happy to run short notice"

Huruma says, "the other day I read the karaoke log. we don't actually have to roll things like that, do we? and if a GM decides to just use simple +rolls for things if say, there are too many people, that's fine, right?"

Tat says, "how much you use the code is entirely up to you."

Roz says, "You 100% don't have to roll karaoke"

Kade says, "We were just rolling for lulz in the karaoke scene."

Tat says, "In a GMed scene, it's up to the GM."

Roz says, "Oftentimes people just find it fun/funny to roll that kind of stuff"

Tat says, "In a private scene, it's up to the players, but 'not rolling' is the stance that wins UNLESS it's combat."

Sao says, "You can always do simple checks instead of rolls if you want"

Tat says, "Yeah."

Kade says, "I like to randomly sometimes, just so I can gauge who well/fucked-up something might do, but that's just a me thing."

Sao says, "Or even do a scene without dice at all if you prefer"

Tat says, "But like. When I GMed a job, I didn't make people constantly roll their mutations."

Sao says, "The code system is there as a resource to be used but if you're running a plot or a scene, it's up to you how you want it to work."

Huruma says, "I do prefer the simple checks at this juncture, a couple of you already know I'm like 'eeuuuguughh combat code' but I'm not going to ignore it entirely, I just don't feel comfortable with it yet probably."

Kade just plays with it because I like it.

Tez mush hu's face

Tat says, "You might get more comfy if you use it a bit more. I actually find it simpler than checks."

Tat says, "(And I HATE combat code, ask people)"

Sao says, "She does hate combat code."

Huruma says, "sumit was gracious enough to give me a tutorial one day. but it was only a short one."

Huruma says, "basics."

Tat says, "We actually stripped the code down pretty far so it's mostly just basics."

Sumit is happy to take other's through it if needed too, has used it a lot in the past

Kade says, "There's only like one or two commands you need to worry about unless you're GMing, really."

Tat says, "This is actually one of the reasons we wanted to get people to commit to running job scenes. So people can get practice both using and running in a low-pressure one-scene environment."

Tat says, "And why it's on the scav hunt. ;)"

Kade nods to Sumit. I've used it a decent amount elsewhere and can do little things if people want them. I kinda want to run laser tag sometime.

Tat says, "Do it!"

Kade says, "I will next week, I think. I shall set a +event before I go to bed."

Tat says, "If you guys ever want to run things like that, you can either just do it spontaneous, or you can feel free to calendar it. No need to ask."

Tat says, "Excellent."

Tat says, "Any other questions?"

Roz claphands for folks running scenes :D

Tat says, "Okay! We will log and post this for reference. And if you have questions, you can always toss them to us in a +request."

Roz says, "It is also very much appreciated whenever people who have been using FS3 for a while help out folks newer to the system"

Roz says, "So thanks for that!!"

Logging started to file c:\users\nicole\google drive\logs\11-1 meeting.txt

Processing 1336 wrapped lines from the terminal screen, this could take some time depending on your computer speed.

Tat says, "Y"

Kade really likes the 'sign up to GM something' doc.

Tat says, "I like how many people have put their name on it!"

Tat says, "Feel free to take more than one week. ;)"

Tat says, "If there are no more questions, then meeting adjourned!"

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